Time for a Test Run
Published on: May 29, 2024

Over the past winter and into the spring, Roger has been working off-and-on with making upgrades and changes to his SS/L 1965 Chevelle. He even had new graphics designed and applied. Word from Mike Cates came that the car was looking great with its new Rosebushracing.com graphics and it was time to take the Chevelle out for a test run.

Memorial Day weekend was the perfect time to take the car to the track for testing. So he jumped in the truck and headed south. While in the area, Roger first made a stop to visit with his long-time drag racing friend, Robin Brown and his wife. After a warm, but “stormy” (severe storms and tornadoes in the area while he was there) visit, he headed to see Mike Cates.

Mike had been doing the various upgrades to the car and he was ready for Roger to come down and help test out the car. Over the course of the weekend they spent some time making some adjustments and made a successful test run at the local track. They were thrilled with the results and are looking forward to running the car at a future race weekend.


Published by: Cyndi Vander Horn


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