Bumpers That Shine!
Published on: December 27, 2022
1963 Pontiac Tempest #50 with shiny chrome bumper

We have been working with so many fantastic individuals and businesses on our past two car projects, the #50 1963 Pontiac Tempest and most recently the 1967 Pontiac “Super Bird” Firebird that we wanted to Highlight a few of them for you.

Our first up was Driven Racing Oil and today we are highlighting Micro Platers Sales, Inc. in Wayne, Michigan. Walter Cisco, Plant Manager at Micro Platers, helped us out with both of our projects. They did an excellent job chroming the bumpers on both the #50 Pontiac Tempest and on the Pontiac “Super Bird” Firebird. They turned out better than we could have imagined and just made these two vehicles really stand out.



Micro Platers was started in 1948. They started just plating steel before they quickly expanded into repairing and chrome plating OEM bumpers. Today they specialize in Dual Nickel Chrome Plating and love to do custom chrome plating work for automotive, marine and motorcycles. They have even chromed furniture, jewelry, and slot machines! If you name it, they can chrome it, but they don’t do wheels, pot metal, or aluminum.

Currently, they have 10 employees at the Wayne location and these pros have over 70 years of experience between them. Micro Platers has locations throughout Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.

Their mission is to provide high-quality products while excelling in all points of service for an efficient and satisfying buying experience for our customers. And we’ll tell you they have fulfilled their mission.

All of their services can be found on their website microautogroup.com.

Published by: Roger Rosebush

With 54 years of racing experience and over 40 of them in the Automotive Aftermarket, Roger is in a unique position to speak to those wanting an insight into many areas of interest in the industry.


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