Special Awards

Tri-City Class Winner

Tri-City Class Winner

Ubly Dragway Class Winner Trophy

Ubly Dragway Class Winner

National Records

This record symbolizes excellence in mechanical achievement, a perfection in driving ability, and a valued contribution to the sport of drag racing.

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1974 Sports Nationals

2004 Wally Class Winner

2003 Autorama

Domestic Sports 1st Place

2006 Autorama

Cons Sports Pre 1963 1st Place

2007 Autorama

Conservative HTOP 55-59 1st Place

Best Appearing Cars

The NHRA has a special award given at major events called the Best Appearing Car. Rosebush Racing has received three of these awards over the years. This is a testament to quality, styling, and safety.

Best Appearing Car 2005 Montgomery

NHRA Participation Stickers

When NHRA puts on a sanctioned event there is a participant sticker passed out to all the racers that pay to play. Here is a sampling of the collection that Mitch donated for display. Rosebush Racing raced at most of the early events with the Chevelle and received their stickers as well.

NHRA Participation Stickers

2010 Sports Nationals

Sports Nationals at Bowling Green, Kentucky is one of our favorite races and one where we have had great luck. Two class wins with a license plate as a NHRA award.

Pennsylvania Dutch Classic

The Dutch Classic is held at Redding, Pennsylvania in the fall when the weather is great and the cars fly. Lots of national records are set there under mineshaft conditions. Rosebush Racing was able to collect one more Class Win and hang another award on the wall. This is one of the nicest tracks in the U.S. and we can’t wait to head out for one more race.

NED Super Stock Eliminator Class Winner