2022 EyesOn Design Overview
Published on: July 7, 2022

2022 EyesOn Design Overview

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It was early in May when Roger Rosebush received a call from Jeff Dennison. Jeff notified him that the EyesOn Design Vehicle Selection Committee was inviting the #50 Pontiac Tempest to be shown at their Automotive Exhibition in June. The Committee only selects 200-300 vehicles, which support their theme of the year. This year’s theme was “Designed for Speed.” The #50 Pontiac Tempest team was honored. Roger eagerly accepted the invitation and plans began immediately to prepare the car for the show.

Some final work was needed to get the car running and we had the best working tirelessly on it for weeks. Everyone working on their different projects wanted perfection and we didn’t quite get it running, but the car was still ready to show! Thank you to absolutely everyone who put in the time to get the #50 Pontiac Tempest to this point.


We arrived early Saturday morning to get the car on the field. It was a cool and sunny day, perfect for the job at hand. The EOD volunteers were a huge help in getting us set up in the right location. Once the car was set up and ready, Roger and Cyndi Vander Horn (asked to fill in for Jim Luikens, Roger’s original partner in the #50 Pontiac Tempest project) were able to watch some of the other cars coming on to the show field. After a while, the car was covered and left to await its big day.

Show Day

Sunday morning was another beautiful, sunny day and Roger and Cyndi were excited to arrive early to the Eleanor & Edsel Ford house to get the Tempest ready for the day. After uncovering the car and putting up the signs that EOD had provided we were ready. We saw old friends and new. We met people who knew the story of the Tempest to those who knew nothing of the story of the “The Tempest that Beat a Ferrari.” They stopped by to see the car and learn about this fantastic car.

The #50 Pontiac Tempest was honored to be given special recognition during the awards ceremony. This gave Roger the opportunity to share the story of the “Tempest that Beat a Ferrari” and educate even more people to the story of this special car.

We want to thank everyone at EyesOn Design for their invitation and their hospitality.

Another Honor for the Tempest and Team

After the show another honor was given to the #50 Pontiac Tempest. It will be given a permanent display at the Motorsports Hall of Fame in Daytona, Florida. There, many will learn the story about the #50 Pontiac Tempest.

Published by: Roger Rosebush

With 54 years of racing experience and over 40 of them in the Automotive Aftermarket, Roger is in a unique position to speak to those wanting an insight into many areas of interest in the industry.


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