Chevelle History

Shaker Chevelle

Shaker Automotive

Shaker Automotive started when the new Chevelle entered the Rosebush Racing family. The first year Terry and Randy ran the Chevelle as an N/Stocker, then the next year Super Stock was a new class and the first Chevelle became a SS/P Super Stocker.

First Chevelle

When the first Chevelle was built in our garage the car was completely disassembled and inspected. Sandblasting, welding the frame, and painting all the suspension parts epoxy black was the first step. Secondly, the body panels were stripped and painted white to fit the chassis. After the rolling Super Stocker was finished it would be shipped to Stan Gravis in Midland, Michigan for the psychedelic paint job. Returning to our shop we didn’t know what to think, but after the car was outfitted with trim we fell in love with the finished look. To our amazement the first time down the drag strip the car ran on the NHRA national record, the rest is history.

We Need a Roll Cage

After the devastating crash, to move forward with Rosebush Racing there had to be more safety for our team. We decided a 4130 Chrome Molly cage would give the driver better protection, so the first-ever Super Stocker was fully outfitted and received a 6-point roll cage. Thanks to Victor Sharon and Mike (Doc) Watson the cage was fit and welded into place. Now it was off to the races.

After the Crash

The second Chevelle hardtop was purchased out of Saginaw, Michigan and built with the same standards as the first. The underside of this Super Stocker was painted black for a little better maintenance between races. The tires and wheels were also updated along with a few paint modifications.

This car was raced for one season before NHRA changed the weight break. Building a convertible became necessary to continue racing in the SS/P class. There was a 39 pound difference in weight between a coupe and convertible, the convertible having a full-frame proved to be faster than the hardtop.

First Convertible

The third build for Rosebush Racing was a 1965 convertible 300 series found in Essexville, Michigan. Again, built with the same structure and design the project ended up with a full cage, upgrades with new Cragar Super Trick wheels, Sommers Brothers axles, and the Pro Series 617 Ring & Pinion. This combination proved to be the fastest of the three Chevelles built by Rosebush Racing.

Blue Convertible

In 1979 looking for a new look, Rosebush Racing connected with B&B Custom in Saginaw, Michigan and blue was the choice. Blended stripes and a blue top finished the new look. The first time out the car was picked as Best Appearing Car at the Northern Nationals in Milan, Michigan. Yet another upgrade to a Nash gear gave us a better gear solution and much more durability. Again, a little faster with the standard trans before the car would be converted to a Power Glide and new driver.

Yellow Chevelle

The Yellow Chevelle was another updated design when our company needed to develop a Hard Core Drag Race cooling module. Rule updates allowed ported cylinder heads, but it also needed safety improvements along with new tire and wheel combos. This version won the 50th Anniversary at the U.S. Nationals and was our first Chevelle in the 10-seconds, setting a National Record in Montgomery, Alabama.

Be Cool Chevelle

The last version of the Chevelle with the 292 CID engine was a feather in the cap for Be Cool. With the new look and David being as its new driver.

This updated combination featured the corporate paint scheme, Jerico Transmission, JDE Cylinder Heads, and new tires and wheels. Winning the class in Columbus, Ohio and at the U.S. Nationals were this year’s accomplishments.

The Last Be Cool Modifications


COPO TurnKey Chevelle

Experience Counts!

This 50-year racing career allows us to show some history and share some of the evolution that we contributed to the sport of racing. It’s also important for us to capture this information and share it with the racing community, continue our involvement on future projects and have some fun in the process.

COPO TurnKey Chevelle