1959 Pontiac Safari Wagon

The Story Behind Our First Race Car


In 1959 Francis Rosebush purchased the Pontiac “Car of the Year” family station wagon from Dunlop Pontiac in Bay City, MI.

Proud New Owners

Francis & Olive Rosebush


After purchasing the family station wagon Terry disassembled the Fine 59 and reassembled our first Pontiac JR Stocker while going to college full time. This Hot Rod came equipped with a 389 CID V8 engine, 3 Rochester 2 barrel carbs, 4-speed automatic transmission & ran in L/PA. This was the start of a 50-year passion to race around the county, meet great racers and have the time of lives.


Lost for 30 years, Roger found their first race car in a junkyard in Ubly, MI. It was no small effort to load it on a ramp truck an return to where it was purchased at Dunlop Pontiac in Bay City.

Roger locates a donor car from Rodney C. Kelly in Kalispell, Montana.


In an effort to finish the project for our 50th Anniversary Roger teamed up with retired GM Tech Center man, John Lombardi. After several failed attempts, John has managed to update and blue print the OEM motor. The bullet has been run on test stand and is ready to install in the chassis.